Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ah--the wedding (orig date 11/2/2008)

I can't believe with all the stress I forgot to mention the wedding!

It was beautiful. Sean and Angie were perfect. The whole thing went so well. The end.

Or the long version:

The wedding day started early. I met Angie at Mitchells to get her nails, then hair, then makeup done. It was perfect. She only complained that she has some eyelashes growing above her natural eyelashes....nobody can fix that.

Then we went north and hung out with her mom and prepared ourselves for the evening.

Finally we reached the reception hall and dressed the bride. Angie's father walked in and that's when it happened--tears from them both. And my first time seeing Angie cry in 12 years!

Pictures were done outside where it was sunny yet chilly and seemed to last forever but yet we were on time and we all jumped into our cars and I drove the bride to the church trying at all costs from getting in an accident.

At the church everybody piled in. The ceremony was quicker then rehearsal. We left the church and headed back to the reception. Crazy.

After arrival to the hall we were pushed in circles for more pics and then lined up to go in. I looked at the best man and said are you ready for the speech? And he said he was only talking if I was. Now I was really nervous. I suggested we walk in and head straight for the bar.

Through dinner we chatted about our speeches. Mind you we were all sitting at a round table and Angie and Sean were across from us arguing like we were out any other night they just happened to be all dressed up. When I pulled out my cheat sheet for my speech the best man's wife looked at him and told him that's what he needed. Now I was more nervous. My speech was going to be totally boring and totally too long.

And soon enough the emcee came over and handed him the mike. And he started his speech. And it lasted 30 seconds. Oh man....the pain I was going to put all these guests through.

But something happened. I took the mike and made a joke about how long my speech would be and started talking without looking down at my paper. I soon noted that I wanted to mention the "quirks" Angie had and Sean said this was going to take awhile. I laughed. But it didn't shake me. That's when I looked down and started reading. But the whole time in the background I heard laughter and gasps and giggles. I heard Angie laugh. I looked up and made eye contact. It was good. And the last paragraph was all mushy and I looked down but heard Angie sniffle. I continued and at the end looked up and lifted my glass and that was it....the toast had been made to 12 great years of friendship and to Sean and Angie's friendship from then on.

It was good. People said it was good. People I didn't know came up and told me it was good. I wish I could hear it myself. Listen to the adlibs and see the crowd. It felt so good. But it was a good friendship it could be nothing else.

And the rest of the night felt too fast. We danced and boogied. Todd and I danced and it was great. I loved every minute of it. I was sad it had to end.

But really isn't it just the beginning?

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